Yasaman Farahnak Majd

Yasaman Farahnak Majd is a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering at Ontario Tech University, working in the Additive Manufacturing field. For the Master’s thesis, she has worked on the challenges of FDM 3D printing with more than one independent extruder, a project that led to a slicer software for a dual-extruder FDM 3D printer. Yasaman is currently programming a project related to AM in AD2M labs as she has rich experience in both programming with python and 3D printing. The goal of her project is to optimize the infill patterns’ parameters of a free form 3D model based on the loading and the shape of the 3D part to reach the highest strength and exact required infill density. Yasaman also puts her time into professional dancing, following Banafsheh-Miniature method, which is a creative mixture of classical, folkloric, sacred rituals, and contemporary dances of Persia.

Contact: Yasaman.farahnakmajd@ontariotechu.net