Digital Metrology

Integrated Inspection Systems (IIS)

IIS is a NSERC funded research program focusing on reducing the sources of computational uncertainties in digital metrology

Capstone Projects

Robust Optical Coordinate Metrology Sensor for 3D Objects (2019-20)

This project entails the design and development of a more robust optical coordinate metrology sensor for 3D objects. The sensor contains two scanning modes, photogrammetry, and laser scanner. This is split into the development of a photogrammetry sensor which builds with a camera and microprocessor, to create a model of the object being scanned. Photogrammetry is a technology of obtaining the information of an object based on a series of photographs of this object from different angles, these may be around the entire piece to complete a full reconstruction or of only certain surfaces for a partial reconstruction. Laser scanner can scan surfaces or objects and create point clouds of them. Laser scanning calculates the distance between camera and object based on the reflected angle (detected by camera) and distance between camera and light source.

Members: Gabriel Pizarro, Kevin Leung, Tuan Chu, Anthony Vieira , Benjamin Cortolezzis, Giorgio Mikos, Rodrigo Fernandez Ballina, Rushi Shah, Panday Ritesh, Junming Sun