Elnaz Ghanbary Kalajahi

Elnaz Ghanbary Kalajahi is a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering-Manufacturing and Production at University of Tabriz. Her thesis proposal has been approved to be conducted in AD2M labs and she has been awarded a Scholarship from the Ministry of Science of Iran (MSRT) to carry out her Ph.D. thesis at UOIT. Her main research interest is digital metrology and robotics. As her master research, she worked on the pose determination of a CMM parallel robot with stereovision. Currently, she is working on denoising raw 3D PCs acquired from laser scanners under the supervision of Dr.Mahboobkhah (from Tabriz University) and Dr.Barari (from UOIT). Due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, ŔćElnaz has not joined the group in person yet, but she remotely cooperates with the lab and keeps her research on track. Elnaz highly enjoys nature traveling; besides she has great enthusiasm to help deprived children and also share her experiences with others, if needed. So she is in charge of a group that aims to help students to get sabbatical scholarship.

Contact: elghanbaryk@gmail.com || E-Ghanbary@tabrizu.ac.ir